50 Days of Unleashing HOPE

You'll Never Be the Same.

A 7-Week Spiritual Growth Campaign Designed to Raise the Hope Quotient of Everyone

When You Have Hope, 11 Things are Unleashed in Your Life!

  • You're more successful
  • You feel more satisfied
  • You're more compassionate
  • You're more willing to help people in need
  • You're physically healthier
  • You hold yourself to higher standards
  • You're more likely to assume leadership
  • You have more satisfying relationships
  • You're more productive
  • You're less affected by stress
  • You're more likely to see God as loving, caring and forgiving!
A $388 valued kit for only $20.
“And now these three remain: faith, HOPE and love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

Weekend Messages

Week 1 Recharge Your Batteries

No one does well when running on empty. This week is about building your relationship with God to levels of strength you may have never experienced before.

Week 2 Raise Your Expectations

In life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you expect. This week is about how to get liberated from fear by living by faith. When’s the last time you had a God-sized vision for your life?

Week 3 Refocus on the Future

Nobody goes forward well when they’re looking back. This week is about how to finally let go of the past and catch a fresh vision from God for your future.

Week 4 Play to Your Strengths

Congratulations. You and every other Christian are highly gifted by God. The problem is, no one knows it. This week is about how to discover, develop and deploy your God-given gifts.

Week 5 Refuse to Go It Alone

The Lone Ranger made a great television series, but it’s a lousy way to live. This week is about how to help everyone in your church get connected. Special note to pastors: This is designed to help your church become a “sticky church” where people come and actually stay.

Week 6 Replace Burnout with Balance

The least obeyed verse in the Bible is Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God.” This week is about how to help the people in your church get off the treadmill and focus on the things that matter most. No one who is stressed and overwhelmed has hope.

Week 7 Play Great Defense

When discouragement, bitterness, resentment and anxiety enter, hope exits every time. This week is about how to help everyone in your church let go of the things that are wrecking their inner life and destroying their relationships.


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50 Unleashing Hope Daily Devotional Downloads

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7 Memory Verses (Downloadable)

7 Daily Devotional Downloads with 14 Bonus Messages

With messages from Francis Chan, John Ortberg, Sherwood Carthen, Christine Caine, Nick Vujicic, Miles McPherson & Chris Brown

Special Series Downloads

Apologetics Conference Downloads

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A copy of Ray Johnston's new book “The Hope Quotient”

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  • 50 Unleashing HOPE Daily Devotionals
  • HQ Resource Guide
  • Ray’s Messages on Video
  • Message Preparatory Video Segments with Ray
  • Effective Social Media Guide
  • Bulletin Art
  • Small Group Bible Study Curriculum
  • Message Slides & Other Presentation Media

Join us as we are unleashing hope one child at a time as we partner with Compassion International to release children from poverty in Jesus' name.

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